Bescot, located between Birmingham and Wolverhampton, was one of British Rail's major marshalling yards for freight. Class 24s arrived here on workings from Crewe, Stoke and Shrewsbury.

24082 at Bescot 25/03/77 (s0969.jpg)

Leaving from the Down Sorting Sidings, and passing Bescot Diesel Depot, 24082 is seen heading northbound freight on 25th March 1977.

24073 at Bescot 27/04/77 (s1058.jpg)

An unexpected sight in Bescot Up Yard. 24073 had been stored at Carlisle in Autumn 1975, so to see it, without warning, in service on 27th April 1977 was one of those "I don't believe it" moments. The loco had returned to traffic in February, and remained so until November 1977.

24035 at Bescot 27/07/77 (s1251.jpg)

There was a freight working from the north that arrived at Bescot in the early evening that regularly produced a Class 24. Here, 24035 arrives on the Up Goods line and is held at the signal before pulling forward to shunt its train into the Up Sorting Sidings. 27th July 1977.

24023 at Bescot 06/07/77 (s1126.jpg)

After depositing the train, the loco would cross over to the Down side and run light engine back towards the depot to pick up its next working. This is 24023 on the 6th July 1977.

24047 at Bescot 18/01/78 (s1560.jpg)

24s were also used on local Bescot duties. 24047 is seen shunting the rake of red vans that formed Bescot's breakdown train into the down side sidings on 18th January 1978.

24063 at Bescot 10/03/78 (s1643.jpg)

24063 waits its turn to reverse into the Up sidings on the 10th March 1978, whilst a class 25 shunts its own train.