Class 24s turned up at Stafford on trip and freight workings from Crewe, Stoke or Bescot.

24057 at Norton Bridge 15/01/77 (s1012.jpg)

24057 stands on the up and down Recess Line at Norton Bridge on an Engineer's train on Sunday 16th January 1977, awaiting its path toward Stoke-on-Trent.

24082 at Stafford 11/05/77 (s1063.jpg)

11th May 1977, and 24082 is in the Up side yard at Stafford with a freight train.

24057 at Stafford 19/05/77 (s1023.jpg)

There were Engineers' sidings on the Down side at Stafford, south of the station, and 24057 is present on the 19th May 1977.

24023 at Stafford 09/08/78 (s1756.jpg)

Taking a break from its passenger workings along the North Wales coast, 24023 arrives light engine at Stafford on the 9th August 1978 to collect an engineer's train from the sidings.