Another centre for Class 24s activity was Stoke-on-Trent, where they worked many of the trip duties from Cockshute holding sidings.

24063 at Cockshute 07/03/78 (s1638.jpg)

Heading north through Stoke on the 7th March 1978, 24063 hauls a parcels train past a very industrial scene near Cockshute Sidings.

24047 at Longport 25/04/78 (s1662.jpg)

A very gloomy evening of the 25th April 1978, and 24047 is seen in the down sidings at Longport Junction, as a Class 86 passes on a Euston to Manchester express.

24023 at Longport 25/05/78 (s1673.jpg)

There were a number of sidings at Longport station, handling parcels, chemicals and fuel oil. Here we see 24023 producing a dark cloud of diesel fumes as it starts to move its train of tanks out of the Up side sidings and head towards Stoke. The Hazchem code indicates that the tank contains petroleum products. 25th May 1978.

24035 24047 at Cockshute 22/09/78 (s1782.jpg)

Cockshute holding sidings, between Stoke station and Etruria, was where the locos used on the many freight workings starting or ending in the Stoke area were stabled. Locos were parked in the sidings or in the old carriage shed to the right. On the afternoon of the 22nd September 1978, being a Friday, only 24035, 24047 and 25192 were present. By this time only 5 Class 24s remained in service, so the two locos here are 40% of the capital stock. These were the next two 24s to go - 035 was withdrawn 3 weeks later, 047 8 weeks later.