Swindon for Scrap

A large number of Crewe's allocation of Class 24s were withdrawn in 1975 and 1976, and most of these ended up at BR's Swindon Works for scrapping. Between 24042 in February 1976 and 24084 in December 1978, Swindon Works scrapped 56 Class 24s.

Swindon Works 23/10/77 (s1445.jpg)

On a private visit on the 23rd October 1977, 10 Class 24s were seen, along with 15 Class 52 Westerns, all for scrap. The 24s were 24039, 041, 052, 077, 078, 079, 084, 085, 134 and 141. All but 24084 are seen here.

24077 24052 24078 at Swindon Works 23/10/77 (s1443.jpg)

24077, 24052 and 24078 are seen in the sidings to the west of Swindon works. All three were ex-CD locos, and had moved from storage at Crewe to Swindon together in May 1977. All were scrapped in May and June 1978.

Swindon Works 23/10/77 (s1448.jpg)

This is the other group of 24s, seen in the distance in the shot above. Framed by two Class 52s, the locos are 24141, 24085, 24079, 24134, 24039 and 24041. All these were taken out of service in early 1976 and were taken to Swindon in May 1977. 23rd Ocober 1977.

24084 Swindon Works 23/10/77 (s1450.jpg)

24084 is seen alongside the main shops at Swindon Works on 23rd Ocober 1977. Out of service at Crewe from May 1976, it was one of eight Class 24s to arrive at Swindon on the 31st May 1977.

24084 Swindon Works 12/11/78 (s1803.jpg)

Returning to Swindon just over a year later, only one Class 24 was still present. 24084 has migrated to the west sidings, but only temporarily. It would be scrapped within 3 weeks of this photo. Interestingly, over the same period, only one Western (1009) had been scrapped. Swindon scrapped no more Class 24s after 084 - the remaining locos went to Doncaster Works as they were gradually withdrawn from service. 12th November 1978.