Conwy Tubular Bridge

Between Llandudno Junction and Conwy, the railway line had to cross the river. Here Stephenson constructed a smaller version of the design he had planned for the Menai Straits crossing - two wrought iron box girders (or tubes) crossing the river in a single span. Following the lead set by Telford in his design of the Conwy road bridge, Stephenson adopted a 'castellated' style for the supporting towers, to match the adjoining castle.

5082 at Conwy 03/08/72 (if04.jpg)

Class 24 5082 leaves the eastern portal of Conwy Tubular bridge with a freight on 3rd August 1972. In poor external condition in its original green livery, the loco looks due a repaint. As 24082, this engine became a favourite loco on passenger turns and specials in 1977 and 1978, and was one of the last 3 Class 24s to be withdrawn. Photo courtesy of and copyright Ian Fleming 2006.

DMU at Conwy 03/08/72 (if05.jpg)

On the same day, a mixed bag of DMU vehicles are seen heading west from Llandudno Junction. The track in the foreground is the Up Refuge siding at Llandudno Junction - often used to store coaching stock at this time. The siding to Conwy Quay is out of sight at the far side of the embankment. Photo courtesy of and copyright Ian Fleming 2006.

Conwy 11/02/78 (s1618.jpg)

An unidentifed Class 47 heads the 1508 Holyhead - Manchester Victoria out of the bridge and on towards Llandudno Junction. To the right is seen the small railway quay - known as Conwy Quay - but actually an extension of the sidings at Llandudno Junction. Parked right up against the bufferstops is a rake of tube wagons. Visible under the bridge is one of the two sets of piers added in 1898 to reduce the length of the main span. 11th February 1978.

Conwy Tubular Bridge 12/79 (s2067.jpg)

A special visit to the sidings at Conwy Quay provided the opportunity for this unusual view of Stephenson's bridge. December 1979.

Conwy Tubular Bridge 12/79 (s2068.jpg)

Another view, with the buffer stops of the quay sidings in the foreground. As I remember it, at least one Mark I coach ended up in the river here in the early 1970s when a shunting manoeuvre didn't go to plan. There were 3 sidings here together with a small fixed crane. In the 1980s remodelling of Llandudno Junction, the end sidings were removed, but the access line was partially retained. It is still present but out of use.