Holyhead - 23rd December 1980

This page shows five views of Holyhead on one day - 23rd December 1980 - a rather grey day, but one which shows Holyhead as a busy railway centre, on the last full working & travelling day before Christmas. Notable are the two active 08 shunters - at this time Holyhead had three allocated, one for the freightliner depot, one for the carriage sidings and one spare.

47453 25043 25219 47561 at Holyhead 23/12/80 (s2380.jpg)

47453 stands in platform 2 with the 15:05 to Manchester (Victoria), whilst 25043 and 25219 wait in platform 4 with the 14:45 relief for Crewe. 47561 arrives in platform 1 on the 10:00 from Euston, whilst, in the distance, 08907 waits on the up main line with a rake of empty stock.

08814 08907 25043 25219 at Holyhead 23/12/80 (s2381.jpg)

08907 now propels the ecs into the carriage sidings, whilst in the foreground 08814 emerges from the freightliner depot with a train of green Ford containers which it is shunting. 25043 and 25219 await their departure time.

25043 25219 Holyhead 23/12/80 (s2382.jpg)

25043 and 25219 depart with the 14:45 relief service for Crewe, up the bank past the signal box. The previous day, 25043 had been shunting the goods yard at Colwyn Bay.

08814 at Holyhead 23/12/80 (s2383.jpg)

08814 shunts the freightliner terminal. All traffic was lost here when the container ships to Ireland switched to Liverpool, and the site is now the entrance to the car ferry terminal.

47453 at Holyhead 23/12/80 (s2384.jpg)

47453 leaves on the 1505 to Manchester Victoria.