Terminus of the branch from Llandudno Junction, Llandudno station in the late 1970s was a shadow of its former self - yet was still busy with excursion and 'Saturday's only' trains in the summer months.

47486 at Llandudno 24/07/76 (s0615.jpg)

On 24th July 1976, 47486 reverses the empty stock of 1D53 10:25 SO Euston to Llandudno out of Platform 2. The raised shunt signal indicates the train is heading for the carriage sidings so that the loco can run round before forming the 15:53 back to London. Note the Mark III carriages - this diagram brought Mark IIIs to North Wales for the first time, and the 1976 WTT shows this as the only air-conditioned working along the coast line. The signals are also off for the 14:42 to Manchester to leave from Platform 1, showing that this is the pre-rationalisation layout, which allowed parallel moves. Note that the gantry carries signals for Platform 3. In 1978, these were removed and placed on a separate bracket signal, since replaced again.

24081 at Llandudno 29/08/77 (s1285.jpg)

Another pre-rationalisation photo, as 24081 waits in Platform 4 with a Llandudno - Holyhead 'Shoppers Special'. This train was run to cater for day trippers from Ireland. Not advertised in the BR timetable, it collected passengers from the 12:30 arrival at Holyhead from Dun Laoghaire, and returned them in time for the 18:30 sailing back to Ireland.

dmu at Llandudno 11/02/78 (s1614.jpg)

A dmu leaves Llandudno on a short trip to the Junction on the 11th of February 1978, at the time that the track layout and signalling at the terminus were being rationalised. New fencing surrounds the much reduced carriage sidings, full of engineers wagons. At this time, the number of platforms available for arrival and departures was reduced from 5 to 3 - the other two platforms remaining as carriage sidings.

24082 at Llandudno 03/07/78 (s1713.jpg)

24082 sits at the buffer stops in platform 2 whilst running round the 1330 from Manchester Victoria. The loco glistens with the effects of torrential rain, a feature of summer days at Llandudno! Part of the overall roof survived at this time, but this has since been removed. (3rd July 1978)

24082 at Llandudno 30/08/78 (s1777.jpg)

Nearly 2 months later, the 24 diagram is still running. Once again 24082 is in charge as it waits at a quiet Llandudno station with the 09:42 to Manchester Victoria. Alonside in Platform 3 is the 09:36 departure for Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Summer Saturday Departures from Llandudno 1978

2F7706:48Rock Ferry

DMU. Stock ECS from Llandudno Jcn arrive 06:37


DMU. Stock ECS from Llandudno Jcn arrive 07:11


DMU. After working 07:25 from Llandudno Jcn arrive 07:36

2D8708:42Llandudno Jcn

DMU. After working 08:17 from Llandudno Jcn arrive 08:28


Stock ECS from Llandudno Jcn arrive 08:13

1A6509:16London Euston

Stock ECS from Holyhead arrive 07:20

2F8209:27Liverpool Lime St

DMU. Stock ECS from Llandudno Jcn arrive 09:04

1G0609:37Birmingham New St

Stock ECS from Holyhead arrive 08:05

1J6609:46Manchester Victoria

Stock ECS from Llandudno Jcn arrive 08:33


DMU. Not Advertised. Stock ECS from Chester arrive 09:42

5D8710:32Llandudno Jcn

DMU. ECS. After working 10:10 from Llandudno Jcn

2D8710:42Llandudno Jcn


2D7011:05Blaenau Ffestiniog


2D8711:42Llandudno Jcn


2D8712:32Manchester Victoria





ECS. After working 09:28 from Birmingham NS. To work 18:30 to Euston.


Conveys portion for Sheffield

2D8713:52Llandudno Jcn

After working 08:41 from York.

2D7014:13Blaenau Ffestiniog


5J3314:16Red Bank CS

ECS. After working 10:33 from Man Vic






ECS. After working 11:18 from Crewe. To work 16:36 SUN to Man Vic

2D8715:42Llandudno Jcn


1A7316:07London Euston


2D7016:25Blaenau Ffestiniog




1J3917:20Manchester Victoria


2D8717:40Llandudno Jnc


2D7017:55Blaenau Ffestiniog


5D8718:17Llandudno Jcn

DMU. ECS. After working 18:01 from Llandudno Jcn

2J6218:42Manchester Victoria


2D8719:42Llandudno Jcn


2D7020:05Blaenau Ffestiniog


2D8720:33Llandudno Jcn


2D8721:30Llandudno Jcn


2D8722:35Llandudno Jcn


5D8723:22Llandudno Jcn

DMU. ECS, After working 23:06 from Llandudno Jcn.