Caerwent Cannonball

A DMU railtour run jointly by the Monmouthshire Railway Society and the RCTS covering rare track around South Wales on Saturday 15th March 1980. Highlights were: Blaenavon, Caerwent, Tidenham and Parkend.



Blaenavon 15/03/80 (s2077.jpg)

This was the last passenger train to reach Blaenavon Big Pit from Cwmbran (Llantarnam Jn) before the branch closed in May 1980.

Tidenham 15/03/80 (s2080.jpg)

Although the branch to Tintern Quarry was still in place, passage through the tunnel at Tidenham was refused, so the train came to a halt right at the tunnel entrance.

Parkend 15/03/80 (s2081.jpg)

Right to the end of the track at the closed Parkend station up the branch from Lydney.

Parkend 15/03/80 (s2082.jpg)

At the other end of the station, the branch that meandered through the town streets to the goods sidings can be seen heading off to the left.

Norchard 15/03/80 (s2085.jpg)

Halfway down the branch, the train halted alongside the Dean Forest Railway site at Norchard.

For more details on this tour and the route taken visit Six Bells Junction