Roath Dock Rumbler

A DMU railtour run by the Monmouthshire Railway Society covering rare track around South Wales on Saturday 4th April 1981. Highlights were: Ebbw Vale and Rose Heyworth Colliery; the tour was curtailed due to a guards strike in Cardiff.



Ebbw Vale 04/04/81 (s2456.jpg)

From Newport the train ran to the sidings at Waunllwyd, Ebbw Vale.

Ebbw Vale 04/04/81 (s2458.jpg)

Another view at Ebbw Vale.

Rose Heyworth 04/04/81 (s2460.jpg)

After reversal at Aberbeeg, the former Brynmawr branch was traversed as far as Rose Heyworth colliery.

Rose Heyworth 04/04/81 (s2463.jpg)

The DMU is seen alongside the colliery screens.

For more details on this tour and the route taken visit Six Bells Junction