South Yorkshire

A DMU railtour run by the Institution of Mining Engineers covering rare track in the southern half of the Yorkshire coalfield on Sunday 15th October 1989. Highlights were: Cottam Power Station and Manton Wood, Dinnington, Thurcroft, Maltby, Harworth, Bentley, Rossington, Bentley, Hatfield, Brodsworth and Silverwood Collieries.

Cottam 15/10/89 (p0563.jpg)

This tour started with a visit to the loop at Cottam Power Station near Gainsborough. As we arrived, 58016 was departing on a rake of empty MGR wagons.

Cottam 15/10/89 (p0564.jpg)

The tour on the unloading loop at the base of the cooling towers. Opened in 1968, the 2GW power station closed on 20th September 2019. According to its final owners, EDF, Cottam burned 183,000,000 tonnes of coal over its 51 year life, brought in by 150,000 trains.

Manton Wood 15/10/89 (p0565.jpg)

The first colliery branch vsiited was Manton Wood near Worksop. Here the DMU waits to return through the loader back to the main line. Manton Wood ended production in 1994.

Dinnington 15/10/89 (p0566.jpg)

Served by a branch from Dinnington Colliery Junction on the South Yorkshire Joint line, this is Dinnington Main Colliery. This mine closed in 1991.

Thurcroft 15/10/89 (p0568.jpg)

Another colliery branch started at Dinnington Colliery Jn - the one to Thurcroft Colliery. Despite the obvious investment in facilities, this too closed in 1991.

Maltby 15/10/89 (p0569.jpg)

Maltby Colliery South controlled the short branch to Maltby Main. Here the signal box is seen as the tour returns from the colliery. Maltby colliery survived until 2013, and the signal box remains open in 2022.

Rossington 15/10/89 (p0572.jpg)

After a visit to Harworth Colliery and a reversal at Doncaster, the branch to Rossington Colliery was traversed. The train was not allowed through the bunker, so this was the furthest point reached. Rossington Colliery closed in 2007, but the branch remains open to serve a recycling plant.

Brodsworth 15/10/89 (p0573.jpg)

After visits to Bentley and Hatfield collieries, the penultimate destination was Brodsworth Colliery, serverd by a branch from a triangular junction with the Doncaster to Leeds line. Here the train is seen waiting to return from the end of the branch. Brodsworth closed in 1990. Th tour then continued to its final colliery at Silverwood near Rotherham.

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