A loco-hauled railtour run by the Pathfinder Tours from Manchester to Weymouth Quay, covering rare track along the south coast of England on Saturday 6th November 1993. Highlights were: Fawley branch, Hamworthy Quay and Weymouth Quay.

37405 at Eastleigh 06/11/93 (p1348.jpg)

5½ hours after leaving Manchester Piccadilly, 37405 stands at Eastleigh at the head of the tour. The route was via Birmingham, Cheltenham, Swindon, Reading West and Basingstoke.

37377 at Marchwood 06/11/93 (p1350.jpg)

37377 was added to the rear of the train for the run down the Fawley branch. On the return, 37377 leads for a photo-stop at the disused station at Marchwood.

37405 at Hamworthy 06/11/93 (p1353.jpg)

The next branch was the one to Hamworthy Quay. Here 37405 is seen at the furtheset point reached.

37377 at Hamworthy 06/11/93 (p1355.jpg)

37377 is at the other end, ready to return the train to the main line and a reversal at Poole.

37405 at Weymouth Quay 06/11/93 (p1356.jpg)

Finally, 37405 worked solo to Weymouth, and then down the Weymouth Quay branch. Here the loco is seen in the act of running round at the very end of the Weymouth Quay branch. Regular passenger workings had already ended by 1993, and the last special ran in 1999.

37405 at Weymouth Quay 06/11/93 (p1266.jpg)

A typical railtour scene at Weymouth Quay, with the police in attendance in their 1991-reg (Austin/Rover) Montego. 37405 has run round and is now backing down onto the stock for the return. Removal of the track to the Quay started in October 2020 after over 20 years of disuse.

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