12 Minutes at Ebbw Junction

Tuesday 7th July 1981. A series of pictures taken between 6:50 and 7:02pm from the overbridge at Ebbw Junction, Newport.

45023 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2511.jpg)

18:50. 45023 hammers along the Down Fast line with a train of oil empties for one of the West Wales refineries. This is probably 6V69, the 10:20 TThO from Gainsborough Lea Road to Llandarcy. 37268, 37285 and 37280 sit in Ebbw Junction depot sidings, whilst another 37 sits in the yard on the far side of the main line.

33004 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2512.jpg)

18:52. A Swansea to Paddington HST passes on the Up line as 33004 approaches with the 16:02 Crewe-Cardiff.

33004 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2513.jpg)

18:52. 33004 passes. As the camera swings round, 25262 becomes visible in the sidings,

37138 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2514.jpg)

18:55. As soon as the main line is clear, 37138 is signalled off the curve from Park Junction to join the main line, with a train of coal from one of the Eastern Valley pits.

37138 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2515.jpg)

18:55. As 37138 crosses over to the Down Relief line, 37134 approaches light engine on the Down Main.

37134 at Ebbw Jn 07/07/81 (s2516.jpg)

19:02. 37134 swiftly reverses from the mainline and drops onto the depot sidings, in time to allow a late running Paddington-Swansea HST to pass.