The Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley line was a unique line in many ways. Converted at the lowest possible cost from a canal, it had low bridges and sharp curves, and was prone to flooding. Trains were worked by up to 3 class 03 shunters, specially cut down to fit the route, and selected because their mechanical transmission would not be affected by the regular floodwater. It carried coal from Cwmmawr Opencast Disposal Site down to Coedbach Washery and then on to the main line at Burry Port where trains would be handed over to mainline locos. Here are some pictures taken in 1980.

03151,03144,03145 at Kidwelly Jn 01/03/80 (s2073.jpg)

03151, 03144 and 03145 enter the loop at the erstwhile Kidwelly Jn between Cwmmawr and Burry Port on the 1st March 1980, after taking a Saturday train of empties to Cwmmawr. In the distance, The line to the right heads to the Coedbach washery and (at one time) to the main line at Kidwelly. This was reopened in 1983, allowing the closure of the direct line to Burry Port which is the left hand route at the end of the loop.

03151,03144,03145 at Burry Port 01/03/80 (s2075.jpg)

The engines are returning to Llanelli to stable for the weekend. Here they are seen in the docks area of Burry Port where they will join the mainline. 1st March 1980.

03142,03141 at Cwmmawr 10/05/80 (s2127.jpg)

A chance encounter at one of the open crossings just below Cwmmawr finds 03142 and 03141 working back "Engine and Brake Van" after a Saturday morning working up the valley. 10th May 1980.

03142,03141 at Pontyberem 10/05/80 (s2128.jpg)

03142 and 03141 head down the valley through Pontyberem, heading back to Burry Port and Llanelli. 10th May 1980.

07012 at Cwmmawr 10/05/80 (s2129.jpg)

In the sidings at Cwmmawr Disposal Point is an ex-BR Class 07 shunter, likely to be 07012 withdrawn from BR service 3 years earlier. 10th May 1980.