Ebbw Junction

On the western outskirts of Newport, Ebbw Junction was the location for the depot maintaining and refuelling the locos used on the local freight services. In addition it was the junction for the Eastern Valleys freight lines and for the branches to Newport Docks.

Ebbw Jn shed 14/03/81 (s2407.jpg)

Ebbw Junction shed on Sunday 14th March 1981. Present are 08354/361/822, 25259/274, 37181/188/217/236/258/268/302, 47901 and 56038.

37298 at Ebbw Jn 19/03/81 (s2424.jpg)

37298 leads its train of coal wagons past Ebbw Jn (far right distance) and Alexandra Dock Jn (Left) on the Up Slow South Wales Main line towards Newport on the 19th March 1981. The line trailing in from the left is that from Newport Dock Street, and the line curving off to the left is the branch to the Docks.

03382 37307 at Ebbw Jn 11/04/81 (s2465.jpg)

An interesting visitor to Ebbw Jn shed on 11th April 1981 is 03382. Formerly allocated to Bristol Bath Road, it is here to be converted to enable it to work on the height-restricted Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley line in West Wales. The cab height has been reduced by cutting a bit out and welding the top back on. It is awaiting window refitting and repainting. Despite all this work, the loco only remained in service until May 1983 when it was stored (unserviceable). It was withdrawn in October 1983.

47077 at Ebbw Jn 31/05/81 (s2492.jpg)

On Sundays, there was a very restricted service on the Cardiff-Crewe line. As a result, trains were heavily loaded and ran with longer rakes of carriages and larger motive power. On Sunday 31st May 1981, 47077 is working the 14:15 Cardiff-Crewe, seen here passing Ebbw Jn. On this day, there were 16 locos stabled on Ebbw Jn depot - 4 08s, 8 37s, 1 45 and 3 47s.