The start of what is intended to be a comprehensive collection of timetables for the lines covered on this website, including both public and working (internal) timetables. The working timetables (WTTs) were, at various times, split into mandatory and conditional, or passenger and freight workings. All will be covered, and trip workings will also be added when information is available.

Timetables - by Route

The timetables will launch in a new window, and each page has up to 5 control buttons. Hover your mouse over these to see what they do.

When you close the timetable window, this one should still be open behind.

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The aim has been to try and recreate the 'look' of the original documents. I have a few notes on what has been changed or left out but if you still feel I've got something wrong, feel free to contact me. Finally, ways you could help

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