East and the Far North

Locations visited in this section were the Hull and the Humber Ferry, Inverness, Thurso, Aberdeen, London and Great Yarmouth. Followed by Stranraer and Dundee.

The ticket! (ticket.jpg)

The Ticket! Purchased at Bangor, it was obviously not a stock item there and had to be pre-ordered and made up by Crewe.

New Holland Pier 10/07/80 (s2229.jpg)

A trip across the Humber in the last year of operation, was followed by a train from New Holland Pier. Here is the view from BR Derby DMU E56041 as it waits to leave on the 14:58 New Holland Pier to Cleethorpes. 10th July 1980.

26043 at Inverness 11/07/80 (s2232.jpg)

I then travelled to Doncaster and on to Edinburgh, then overnight to Inverness. This is 26043 with the 06:15 to Wick and Thurso. 11th July 1980.

26041 at Georgemas Jn 11/07/80 (s2233.jpg)

Returning on the 11:48 from Thurso behind 26030, the train was shunted onto the rear of the portion from Wick (with 26043 again), with 26041 also present and seen here on a short freight.

55003 55004 at Kings Cross 12/07/80 (s2235.jpg)

From Inverness onto Aberdeen and the night sleeper to Kings Cross. On arrival, 47426 on my train had somehow turned into 46038, but 3 other overnight trains had Deltic haulage. Here are 55003 and 55004. 12th July 1980.

31406 at Ely North 12/07/80 (s2240.jpg)

Onward to Liverpool St for Great Yarmouth and then back to Norwich and the Ely avoider. Here on the Ely curve, 31406 is seen passing on a Norwich bound service. 12th July 1980.

26304 at Dundee 14/07/80 (s2244.jpg)

By a convoluted route involving Euston and Stranraer, here we are at Dundee on 14th July 1980. 26034 and 26037 have worked the 1044 Glasgow to Dundee - 26034 was in ex-works condition and is seen here.