Amlwch 1

Amlwch was at the end of a branch from Gaerwen on the main-line. From 1964 it had survived to carry freight traffic to and from the Associated Octel works at Amlwch port. Associated Octel had its own railway from the BR line near the former station to its site. By the mid seventies this line was being worked by BR diesels.

24082 at Amlwch 29/12/77 (s1501.jpg)

24082 crosses the main road into Amlwch on the Octel light railway, with an extra service on the afternoon of the 29th December 1977. The crossing gates were operated by men sent out from the Octel works.

24082 at Amlwch 29/12/77 (s1505.jpg)

At Amlwch Port, 24082 leaves its train and runs into the loco siding to allow the company's own diesel to come out and pull the train into the works.

24082 at Amlwch 29/12/77 (s1508.jpg)

There was no return traffic on this day and 24082 returned "Engine and Brake-Van" to Llandudno Junction. Here it is seen at the first of 3 gated level crossings there were on the works branch. The grey Ford Transit to the left was the transport for the two Octel employees that operated the level crossings. The plant itself is seen in the distance.