Amlwch 2

Other holiday weekends also produced special freight workings to Amlwch.

40014 at Amlwch 05/04/80 (s2105.jpg)

40014 arrives at Amlwch Port on 5th April 1980 with another special working to the Octel works prior to a holiday weekend. Behind the train, Parys Mountain appears to loom over the town. The train consists mainly of white tanks carrying liquid chlorine, with a couple of grey ethylene dibromide tanks at the rear. The trains carried chlorine to the Amlwch plant, and ethylene dibromide away. The train has a brake van at each end.

Diesel at Amlwch 05/04/80 (s2107.jpg)

Once the class 40 had entered the headshunt, the Associated Octel industrial diesel (Hunslet No 7460, an 0-4-0 DH built in 1977) came out and prepared to pull the train of tanks into the works.

40014 at Amlwch 05/04/80 (s2109.jpg)

After working the above train, 40014 leaves Amlwch light engine. It is leaving the former exchange sidings - no longer used by this time, as the BR locos worked through onto the Octel light railway. The line curving off to the right of the loco was the headshunt for the exchange sidings.

Old station at Amlwch 05/04/80 (s2109zm.jpg)

Zooming in on the left hand side of the previous picture, you can see the original goods shed - and just to the right of it a small length of the original passenger station platform survived.

47233 at Amlwch 10/04/82 (s2591.jpg)

Easter weekend 1982, and 47233 arrives at the Octel works with an extra working on Saturday 10th April to cover the bank holiday. Notable is the use of such a large locomotive and also that the trains have now acquired barrier wagons between the brake van and the tankers. In the background, a disused windmill, typical of this part of the island of Anglesey. Workings to Associated Octel ended in 1993 and the plant closed in 2003.

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