Amlwch 3

No passenger train had run on the branch since a DMU special in 1969, until a series of 6 were run in 1983.

40058 at Amlwch 14/05/83 (s2693.jpg)

The first of the specials to Amlwch was the Amlwch Pioneer of 14th May 1983. All these trains stopped at a point just before the start of the Octel Light Railway.

Ticket (ticket1.jpg)

A notable feature of the trips was that it was virtually impossible to get any decent photographs at Amlwch if you were actually on the train. So my only souvenir of the trip on the 3rd July 1983 is the ticket.

47537 at Amlwch 10/12/83 (s2856.jpg)

47537 makes slightly less progress down the branch as it stops a few yards short of the previous attempt on 10th December 1983, on the "Britannia Belle".

40122 at Amlwch 10/12/83 (s2857.jpg)

The final special of the year leaves Amlwch behind 40122 on a very grey December 10th 1983.