Bangor - Class 08s

Up until October 1976, Bangor had a Class 08 shunting locomotive working Mondays to Saturdays. This loco was allocated to Llandudno Junction shed, and returned there at weekends for refuelling. The full diagrams can be seen on the trip workings pages. When 08126 was transferred away to Wigan Springs Branch, this seemed like the end of Class 08s working at Bangor, but it was not to be...

08126 47188 at Bangor 25/07/76 (s0626.jpg)

08126 was the Bangor shunter from August 1975 (when it replaced 08036) to October 1976, when it was transferred away and the Bangor duty ended. I have to confess that I really didn't pay this diagram much attention until it was too late. As well as shunting the freight yard, the main duty was to shunt parcels vans, including adding a van to the up North Wales Coast Postal, due off Bangor at 21:01 each evening. Here 08126 is seen on 25th July 1976, alongside 47188. Behind the 08 is a Mark I full-brake (BG), which will be shunted across to platform 2 for loading before being added to the rear of the up TPO.

08814 at Bangor 19/04/80 (s2117.jpg)

Once 08126 had left, the only shunter visitors were from Holyhead's allocation of 3, which appeared whilst passing through on their way to Chester or Crewe for heavy maintenance, or when they were commandeered for weekend PW workings. Here 08814 is seen stabled in the old platform 4 on the 19th April 1980.

08907 at Bangor 20/08/82 (s2608.jpg)

08907 is seen stabled in the bay platform at Bangor on the 20th August 1982. 08907 was another of the Holyhead allocation, and has been through the wash-plant a few times! The cars in the shot give the appearance of a much older shot - examination of the number plates shows that they were all at least 10 years old when this picture was taken.

08023 at Bangor 06/08/83 (s2805.jpg)

With the building of the North Wales Expressway, freight traffic at Llandudno Junction increased to such an extent that in the summer of 1983, 08023 was sent from Chester to work at the junction, although it remained allocated to CH. On the 6th August 1983 however, it was stabled in the yard at Bangor on a PW train. This loco was withdrawn a month later, but was still working at Llandudno Junction on 24th October 1983.