Bangor - Platform 1

Created in the 1920s remodelling of Bangor station, Platform 1 formed an up loop platform. When the layout was rationalised in the late 1960s, the centre part of the track was removed, leaving a short bay at either end. The west end bay was removed after the closure of the Caernarfon branch, leaving an east end bay. Capable of taking 4 or 5 DMU cars or parcel vans, it was regularly used throughout the 1970s. However, the end of dedicated parcel services and the replacement of DMUs by 6 or more loco-hauled coaches on many of the services which terminated at Bangor meant that its usefulness was reduced, and it was removed and the space converted into more car-parking in 1985. Platform 2 was then renumbered to become the current Platform 1.

DMU at Bangor 21/04/76 (s0488.jpg)

PASSENGER: A nice departure scene as 2K53, the 16:39 Bangor - Crewe departs Platform 1 on the 21st April 1976. This train regularly used Platform 1, because Platform 2 was occupied for an hour or so by the 17:55 Bangor-Crewe parcels. The space to the left of the train is the site of the former Up Goods Loop.

M56152 M50403 at Bangor 23/05/81 (s2478.jpg)

Platform 1 was also used when trains which turned round at Bangor had a significant period between their arrival and departures times, especially if another service was booked through Platform 2 in the interim. Here in this self-captioning picture, the 12:20 to Manchester Victoria awaits departure, with Park Royal unit M56152/M50403. The Park Royal units had only another 18 months in service left, and Platform 1 was taken out of service and lifted by early 1985. 23rd May 1981.

40171 at Bangor 30/05/78 (s1679.jpg)

PARCELS: 40171 is seen in Platform 1 on the 30th May 1978, on the 17:55 Bangor - Crewe parcels. This train was a daily user of Platform 1 - either shunted there after loading to await departure, or kept there all day and loaded there - until its demise in October 1978. This long-distance view was taken with a 300mm lens, a 2x or 3x converter and a lot of luck, as very little light penetrated through to the viewfinder. The last similar use of Platform 1 was from 1981 to 1984, when there was a light engine working on Sunday mornings from Llandudno Junction to remove a van from the 22:40 SO Manchester Victoria - Holyhead News and place it in the bay for unloading.

24081 47536 at Bangor 03/09/79 (s2013.jpg)

FAILED LOCOS: On the 3rd September 1979, 47536 was dumped in Platform 1, apparently having failed on an earlier service. 24081 has arrived from Llandudno Junction to haul the loco away.

24081 at Bangor 04/09/79 (s2018.jpg)

FREIGHT: The very next day, and 24081 is present again, this time to rescue the wagons of Trip 46 from Amlwch which have been left in Platform 1, I assume because the loco has been commandeered for another working at short notice. 47455 leaves on the 1005 Holyhead - Euston. 4th September 1979.

Track Circuit Plate at Bangor 12/77 (s1494.jpg)

Obviously, track circuits were not very common in LMS days. Here a cast iron plate indicates that Track Circuit No 2535 is monitoring the presence of trains in Platform 1. December 1977.