Bangor Goods Yard

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On the 7th September 1976, Bangor Goods Yard is seen from Convent Lane, during a period of inactivity. Move the mouse over the picture for more explanatory text.

Remarkably, traffic to the yard was about to increase considerably. The building of a Tunnel Cement terminal meant, initially, more traffic for the trip freight services, and then the introduction of block freight train workings. Further traffic was handled for Butterley Brick, but the inevitable decline once more set in.

To bring the story up to date...

In 2005, only the former platform 4 and the adjacent siding remained in any sort of use. Some other sidings were still in situ, but unfit for traffic. (2nd April 2005)

In 2011, a new car park was built on the goods yard site. The run round loop lines alongside Platform 4 were cut to allow pedestrian access to the station, and became dead-end sidings. Two other sidings were retained, although shortened (and in one case relaid) with new buffer stops provided. (18th September 2011)

By the end of 2012, further changes were made. The two curved goods yard sidings were removed and two new straight sidings provided in a fenced compound. The ballast and track panels from the recently removed siding can be seen on the far right, with more track materials, lower right. 31106 is present in the old Platform 4 with a Network Rail test train, showing how little stabling siding space remains. (28th December 2012)