Temporary Timetable - Mainland - 1971

Following the Britannia Bridge fire, it was necessary to rejig train services on both sides of the Menai Strait to reflect the fact that the line between Llanfair PG and Menai Bridge would be unavailable for some time.

On the mainland, all passenger services terminated at Bangor. Overnight locomotive and carriage servicing was carried out at Llandudno Junction, and there are a number of empty stock workings for this purpose.

For freight, the station at Menai Bridge was reopened for cattle traffic, and the branch to Caernarvon was reopened for Freightliner and chemical traffic - all previously worked to Holyhead. The number of freight services was reduced.

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All this is shown in the Working Timetable extract. At the time of printing, the bridge was expected to reopen on the 1st August 1971, and the timetable contains all the reinstated through workings from this date. In order to show the "temporary" timetable, I have just given the workings for 3rd May to 31st July 1971. To further aid clarity, I have chosen to split off the mainland and Anglesey portions. I have also added in lines for Menai Bridge and Caernarvon - in the original documents all these times appear as footnotes. Finally I have combined information from the Freight and Mandatory Timetables. The final results looks like a printed document, but it was never issued in this form.