DMUs on the Cambrian Coast I

This page carries a selection of pictures by Eddie Knorn. DMU enthusiast Eddie first discovered the Cambrian Coast line and its multiple units in 1977. He was able to influence the direction of a few subsequent family holidays to allow further visits with a camera. Such holidays were usually centred on Barmouth. Eddie says; 'Please note that all pictures in that era were taken with an aged Kodak Retinette 1B, so please make allowances. Many thanks to Dave for the hospitality on this site'.

DMU (EK2a.jpg)

Token exchange on the move! An unknown Class 101 set arrives at Barmouth South. Early August 1980.

DMU (EK6a.jpg)

Summer Saturdays on the Cambrian saw major traffic flows from / to the West Midlands. Tyseley Depot would send out a number of their triple sets on services from Birmingham New Street that then combined with indigenous Chester-based units, either from the start of the journey or at Shrewsbury. Tyseley had two series of triple sets: the TS 500 series were suburban sets, usually non-gangwayed and without toilet facilities; these were usually Class 116 sets (see pic of TS 548). To confuse matters, a small number of TS 500 sets were gangwayed. The TS 400 series were low density sets, which were gangwayed and had toilets as a design feature. The vast majority were Class 101s, but there were a few oddities and here is one of them: a pair of Class 100 Motor Brake coaches in BR blue running with a Class 101 centre trailer in Blue Grey! Like an idiot, I never made any notes of the car numbers, but I think that the Class 100s were 51110 and 51119. North end of Barmouth up platform, Saturday 9 August 1980.

DMU (EK7a.jpg)

A Summer Saturday morning in August 1980 and an 8-car dmu heads away from the camera towards Barmouth station. The up fixed distant signal is visible above the nearest car. The front of the train comprises a CH based 101 twin in BR blue, with two of CH's class 120 triple sets added to strengthen capacity. Barmouth promenade is just out of shot to the right; I was stood on an area of sand dunes between the prom and the line, which was where we used to pitch our tent when camping in the area. Being quite a way out from Barmouth Station, the passing trains were running at a fair speed past here. In February 1997, I had a long weekend by the Cambrian line with the aim of recording details of stations along the line and ended-up staying in the prominent cream building on the hillside to the left, "T'yr Graig Castle Hotel". Had not planned this, just happened that way!

DMU (EK8a.jpg)

See my comments above re Tyseley sets coming to the Cambrian. This is the front of the train that included the Class 100 vehicles. This is set TS 548, comprising 50866, 59352 and 50919, a Class 116 triple set that had inter-car gangways, but no toilets. This set was one of the first recipients of the Blue/Grey livery, in preference to the earlier white + blue stripe refurbished livery. Sitting in the up platform at Barmouth, the train seems to comprise of this unit, the mixed Class 100/101 set and a twin Class 101 on the very rear.

DMU (EK9a.jpg)

Late afternoon at Barmouth on Saturday 9 August 1980. Park Royal unit 56156 - 50408 leads an unknown Derby Lightweight Class 108 past Barmouth South signal box. The red buffer beams on the Park Royal unit are a non-standard bit of customisation. This train was running late, as I recall, leading to the train to Birmingham (Class 116 set etc. above) having to wait for the token.

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