DMUs on the Cambrian Coast II

This page carries another selection of pictures by Eddie Knorn. These were all taken on Saturday 4th September 1982 at Barmouth.

DMU (EK12.jpg)

A six car Metro-Cammell DMU waits in the down platform at Barmouth. Notable here is that the front 3 carriages are in blue and grey livery, and that the centre car retains a first-class section.

DMU (EK13.jpg)

The train pictured above leaves for Pwllheli.

DMU (EK11.jpg)

A 4 car DMU arrives at Barmouth, formed of a 2-car Metro Cammell unit and a Park-Royal set. Signalling is a mixture of LMR upper quadrant (up-line) and WR lower quadrant (down line).

DMU (EK14.jpg)

Finally a Swindon-built class 120 'Cross Country' dmu arrives.

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