Dovey Junction

Dovey Junction was the point were the line to Barmouth and Pwwlheli left the line from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth. With no road access, it was purely an interchange point between the two lines, but had a signal box and passing loops on both the main and branch lines - although neither loop had a platform on the outer track.

Dovey Junction 29/07/76 (s0660.jpg)

29th July 1976. A Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth train, hauled by 25183 takes the loop line at Dovey Junction to pass a Machynlleth bound dmu in the platform line. The line to Pwllheli is seen curving away to the right.

24082 24133 at Dovey Junction 05/06/77 (s1098.jpg)

24082 and 24133 are seen at Dovey Junction on 5th June 1977, working the return Cambrian Coast Express special from Barmouth back to Crewe. More of this train on the Barmouth page.

24082 24133 at Dovey Junction 05/06/77 (s1099.jpg)

As the train rounds the curve, more of the fine collection of semaphore signals are seen.

24133 at Dovey Junction 28-01-78 (s1594.jpg)

24133 is seen again at Dovey Junction on 28th January 1978, working part of the official last working of the Class 24s, another Cambrian Coast Express, this time from Birmingham New Street to Aberystwyth and Barmouth. This is the Barmouth portion (the train split at Machynlleth), and it is passing a Metro-Cammell dmu working the 12:15 Pwllheli-Machynlleth. The service train was (disappointingly) not booked to stop at Dovey Junction, so it, rather than the railtour, was routed through the platformless bi-directional loop. The special is running about 40 minutes late, due to locomotive problems earlier in the trip.

24133 at Dovey Junction 28-01-78 (s1596.jpg)

The railway crossing of the Dovey estuary was originally proposed to be as spectacular as that actually built at Barmouth, with a long timber viaduct near Borth. In the event, the river was bridged just before it spread out into the tidal estuary, and 24133 is seen here crossing the bridge on its way to Aberdovey and Barmouth. 28th January 1978.