Pwllheli - 26th December 1980

In 1980/81, the Barmouth Bridge was closed to all trains for an extended period while major repairs were carried out. To maintain the service on the northern stretch of the Cambrian Coast, a number of DMUs were kept at Pwllheli (and were actually reallocated to Pwllheli - shed code 'PI'!). On Boxing Day 1980, all the DMUs were gathered at Pwllheli - there being no service that day.

DMUs at Pwllheli 26-12-80 (s2385.jpg)

First we see the two 3-car DMUs stabled in the loop outside the station. The nearest set is a Metro Cammell set, M50330, M59130 and M51185, with behind it a hybrid set of Met-Camm M50334, BRCW M59172 and Met-Camm M50316.

DMUs at Pwllheli 26-12-80 (s2386.jpg)

Looking the other way, we see a 2-car Metro Cammell set parked in the headshunt by the former signal box - M51193 and M56336 - togther with an oil tank used for refuelling this fleet. This was ADB999012, an unfitted 4 wheel tank, nominally based at Shrewsbury and capable of holding 4,589 gallons.

DMUs at Pwllheli 26-12-80 (s2389.jpg)

Seen in the background of the previous shot, there were another three 2-car sets stabled in the 'normal' stabling siding, alongside the station. These were all Metro Cammell sets, M50320 and M56352, M51192 and M56354 and M50203 and M56080.

DMUs at Pwllheli 26-12-80 (s2387.jpg)

A view from alongside the station on a archetypal 'slate-grey' Welsh winter's day.

DMUs at Pwllheli 26-12-80 (s2388.jpg)

Finally a view showing all three stabling locations.