Chester No 3A

Another in the series of pictures of Chester's signal boxes, this page is about Chester No 3A, situated at the west end of the station platforms. No 3A did not control the down main through and platform lines, which were worked by the tiny Chester No 3 box. No 3A was 522 yards from Chester No 2, but only 244 yards from Chester No 4 box.

24082 at Chester 15/07/77 (s1220.jpg)

On the 15th July 1977, 24082 is seen shunting a short freight in the yard adjacent to Chester station, under the signal gantry controlled by Chester No 3A signal box. The box itself is of a BR standard design, and replaced the previous LNWR box, built in 1890 in an 'overhead' design rather like Chester No 6.