Chester No 4

Continuing the series of pictures of Chester's signal boxes, we come to Chester No 4, situated at the west end of the station, and controlling the junction of the Holyhead and Birkenhead lines.

40001 at Chester 12/07/77 (s1207.jpg)

40001 passes the signal box, hauling a train of bogie tankers on the 12th July 1977. Chester Diesel Depot, with its usual selection of DMUs and DPUs is to the right.

24036 at Chester 26/08/77 (s1282.jpg)

24036 arrives back at the depot with the Chester breakdown crane, returning from Dee Marsh Jcn via a reversal at Mickle Trafford.

44008 at Chester 21/01/77 (s1575.jpg)

Already seen on the Specials page, 44008 departs for Wrexham and Shrewsbury with the Class 44 Farewell tour on 21st January 1978. The large sign on the side of the signal box says "Chester General 200 Yards".

24082 at Chester 30/06/78 (s1707.jpg)

30th June 1976, and 24082 passes the box whilst hauling the 16:42 from Llandudno to Crewe. Chester No 4 box was closely surrounded by running lines, and signals controlling lines on the other side can just be seen above the roof line.