Chester Station

Chester is a major junction station at the start of the North Wales coast line, with lines going to Holyhead, Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Manchester and Crewe. In the late 70s, there was a great variety of trains with loco hauled and DMU passenger workings, and much parcels and freight activity. There were also a large number of semaphore signals around the station area.

47534 at Chester 15/07/77 (s1219.jpg)

47534 passes through Chester on the centre-road with 1D42, the 10:00 from London Euston to Holyhead, due to pass Chester at 12:47, and due in Holyhead at 14:23. Above the train, the strange shed like construction built into the retaining wall is in fact Chester No.3 Signal Box.

24082 at Chester 04/07/78 (s1715.jpg)

Almost a year after the earlier picture, 24082 is seen at Chester in a more prominent role, working the 09:42 from Llandudno to Manchester Victoria on the 4th July 1978; The sticker on the front reads "Class 24 The Final Few". In the bay, a Metro-Cammell dmu waits with the connecting service to Crewe.

47462 4930 5000 25217 40xxx Chester 22/09/79 (s2044.jpg)

A panoramic view of the east end of Chester station on the 22nd September 1979. From left to right, 47462 on the 1313 Holyhead - Euston, steam locos 4930 and 5000 on the SVRA "Inter-City" railtour from Wolverhampton via Hereford, 25217 light engine on the Up Fast, 40028 light engine (having just uncoupled from ECS) on the Up Slow and 40118 (only just in shot) also on ECS on one of the siding roads.

40044 at Chester 24/08/81 (s2528.jpg)

Class 40 40044 heads the 1J66 09:12 Bangor - Manchester Victoria, due to depart at 10:38. To the right, A Cravens two car DMU sits in the bay, with two Metro-Cammell sets in the far platform. 40044 has had the connecting doors in the front end plated over. This would have been following collision damage - in fact the loco ran away between Peak Forest and Chinley in September 1978 and was extensively damaged. It spent 18 months under repair at Crewe Works, but had less than 5 years back in service before being withdrawn in January 1985.

Ticket (ticket1.jpg)

It wasn't just the signal boxes that were numbered at Chester, as this platform ticket shows.