Colwyn Bay Goods

Passing travellers on the main line through Colwyn Bay could easily have believed that no provision was made for freight traffic. However, an extensive goods yard was provided between the station and the town, in what had been an old gravel pit. The yard was opened in the 1900's when the station was expanded over the site of the previous yard, and was reached by a 'branch' that passed under the station forecourt in a tunnel. The yard survived until September 1981, when the replacement yard at Glan Conwy near Llandudno Junction was opened to allow the new A55 Expressway to be routed through the site.

25043 at Colwyn Bay 22/12/80 (s2374.jpg)

A picture definitely no longer possible. 25043 shunts the coal sidings in the yard at Colwyn Bay on 22nd December 1980. Suprisingly, this was an afternoon working - the yard was normally serviced by the morning trip along the coast from Chester to Llandudno Junction. The main line is behind the large green building in the left background.

25043 at Colwyn Bay 22/12/80 (s2378.jpg)

Another view on the same day, as 25043 finishes its work. The yard was in the last nine months of its life, and handled just fuel oil and coal traffic, wagons for both of which are seen here. These were transferred to the new goods yard at Glan Conwy, but this traffic has since been lost to rail. The original goods shed is visible, but is no longer rail-connected. At the far end of the yard, the orginal railway horse stables also survived at this time.

25043 at Colwyn Bay 22/12/80 (s2379.jpg)

25043 heads up the gradient out of the goods yard and approaches the main line. 22nd December 1980. Two special regulations applied to the working of this incline, limiting the length of trains that could be shunted on it, and requiring a shunter and guard to be present when shunting on it.