Special Trains at Gaerwen

In 1983 a series of special trains ran along the Amlwch branch, when it was specially added to the LMR list of freight lines approved for railtours.

40058 at Gaerwen 14/05/83 (s2674.jpg)

This was the first tour on 14th May 1983, and 40058 is seen negotiating the sidings at Gaerwen at the start of the branch. Note the catch points protecting the branch in both directions.

40034 at Gaerwen 14/05/83 (s2701.jpg)

On the return from Amlwch, 40034 was leading the train, and it is seen awaiting its path back onto the main line at Gaerwen. The line nearest the camera is the former Amlwch bay platform line. The lines here, including the junction with the main line were originally controlled by Gaerwen No 2 signal box.

40093 at Gaerwen 03/07/83 (s2736.jpg)

On 3rd July 1983, an excursion ran to Amlwch from Plymouth. On arrival at Gaerwen, 40093 was waiting in the down refuge siding to 'tail' the train to Amlwch

40093 at Gaerwen 03/07/83 (s2740.jpg)

Back from the trip across Anglesey, 40093 waits for a Holyhead to Bangor dmu to clear the section. To the left is seen Gaerwen coal yard, with two vacuum-braked coal wagons present.

40122 at Gaerwen 10/12/83 (s2846.jpg)

Because of the lack of BR-owned run round facilities at Amlwch, all the specials were top and tailed from Gaerwen. The final special of the year has arrived at Gaerwen, and 40122 moves out of the down refuge siding to join the rear of the train held on the Holyhead line ahead of the crossover. Mounds of rubble remain on both sides of thelines where the mainline platforms once stood. 10th December 1983.