Holyhead Diesel Depot

As befits its position at the end of a main line from London, Holyhead has always had a maintenance shed for servicing locomotives. Following the end of steam, the engine shed continued in use for stabling and fuelling diesels.

47381 and Class 25 at Holyhead 24-07-76 (s0611.jpg)

On the 24th July 1976, 47381 and an unidentified Class 25 stand outside the loco shed at Holyhead.

24023 at Holyhead 22-04-78 (s1656.jpg)

Holyhead depot is seen from an arriving train on the 22nd April 1978. The shed is not as deserted as it first seems - 24023 and two class 40s are parked outside and inside are members of classes 08, 40 and 47.

08814 at Holyhead 16-04-80 (s2114.jpg)

The full depot layout is seen on 16th April 1980. In the shed are two unidentified Class 47s and some coaching stock, whilst 08814 sits in the siding to the right along with a tank wagon used to bring the fuel oil from Shell at Stanlow. The space in the forground is the site of the turntable. 08814 was spare loco this day - 08746 was on Trip 5, the Freightliner Depot 'Maintenance' shunting duty, whilst 08907 was on Trip 6, the 'Mixed' shunt.

DMU at Holyhead 16-04-80 (s2115.jpg)

From the same viewpoint, a 2-car BR Derby DMU is seen arriving at Holyhead on a stopping service from Bangor. To the left a rake of tube wagons sit in the remains of the cattle sidings. For lines are seen heading towards the station - from left to right these are Down Main, Up Main, Down & Up Passenger (giving access to Platform 4) and Down & Up Goods (giving access to the Freightliner depot). 16th April 1980.