Llandudno Jcn - Semaphore Signals I

Until it was resignalled in the early 1980s, Llandudno Junction was almost entirely controlled by semaphore signals - the only exception being the down distant colour-light. Although their numbers had been reduced when Llandudno Junction No 1 box had closed, there was still a fine array, particularly at the west end. All were swept away when the new Llandudno Junction box was built - paid for as part of the A55 Expressway scheme.

Distant Signals (s2294.jpg)

A composite shot of the two branch semaphore distants. On the left, the LNWR origin fixed distant on the Conwy Valley branch. Note the concrete troughing ready to be laid to hold the cabling for its electic successor. On the right, the Llandudno Branch up distant - again fixed and on a post that had previously also carried a signal for Deganwy No 1. (24th August 1980)

Distant Signal (s2296.jpg)

The Up main distant signal was across the river alongside Conwy Castle. Carried on a post situated between up and down lines, it too had previously carried another arm - this time the starter for Conway signal box. Of interest are the solar panels mounted on posts to the right of the signal. This was an experimental installation, which provided power for the AWS equipment. (24th August 1980)

Up Home signal (s2300.jpg)

This signal controlled access from the main line from Bangor. The left hand arm allowed access to the goods loop, Platform 1 and the bay, the centre arm to Platform 2, and the right hand arm to the yard and depot. (24th August 1980)

Up Llandudno Branch Signal (s2264.jpg)

A dmu leaves the Junction for Llandudno and passes the Llandudno branch home signal. Again, the left arm allowed access to the goods loop, platform 1 and the bay, and the right arm to platform 2. There was no direct access to the depot. (28th July 1980)

Up Inner Home (s2263.jpg)

If trains were signalled in using the left hand arms from either Bangor or Llandudno, they met a further home signal. This two arm signal controlled access to three routes - the right hand arm for the bay, and the left hand arm for the goods loop and platform 1, with a 'theatre' indicator confirming the route set. This is the signal facing the camera. Behind it, facing the opposite way is the 2-arm starter for the bay platform 1a, with the route cleared for Llandudno. In front of the signal box is a new brick relay room, which later became the base for the new signal box (28th July 1980)