Boat Trains at Menai Bridge - I

This page records the traffic on Saturday 26th August 1978. Two trains were missed - the 0930 from Euston, and the 1111 Manchester V-Holyhead (hauled by 40197). At the bottom of the page are the booked passing times from the Working Timetable for these trains at Menai Bridge. although it can be seen from the order of the photographs that the trains from Holyhead were running late on this particular day.

40015 at Menai Bridge 26/08/78 (s1773-33.jpg)

The first train seen is 1A53, the 1248 Holyhead to London Euston, first stop Chester at 1408. Although booked for a Class 47, 40015 appears.

40141 at Menai Bridge 26/08/78 (s1773-34.jpg)

Passing in the opposite direction is 40141 on 1D32, the 1045 Birmingham New St - Holyhead. After Crewe this train only stopped at Prestatyn, Colwyn Bay and Bangor. This was a summer dated service, only running between 26th June and 1st September on weekdays, and between 27th May and 30th September on Saturdays.

47445 at Menai Bridge 26/08/78 (s1773-35.jpg)

47445 passes on 1A86, the 1300 Holyhead to Euston service, first stop Llandudno Jcn then non-stop to Chester. Monday to Friday, 7 July to 8 September, this train included an extra portion for Llandudno - which explains why, 2 days previously, this train had been formed of 16 coaches behind 40029. 1A86 ran between 8th May and 29th September.

47320 at Menai Bridge 26/08/78 (s1773-37.jpg)

Another working from Holyhead passes. This is 1A60, the 1320 to London Euston, hauled by 47320. This was an all-year round working and called at Bangor, Llandudno Jcn and then all stations except Shotton to Chester. Loading to 12 coaches, including 3 full brakes at the front. Taken from Treborth bridge, to the left is the trackbed of the line to Caernarfon.

47480 at Menai Bridge 26/08/78 (s1773-36.jpg)

47480 passes on 1D42, the 1000 London Euston to Holyhead, non-stop from Chester.

Booked passing times at Menai Bridge Summer 1978 13:00-14:00

09:30 Euston-Holyhead13:0913:15
12:48 Holyhead-Euston13:1113:11
13:00 Holyhead-Euston13:2513:25
11:11 Manchester V-Holyhead13:4113:34
13:20 Holyhead-Euston13:4313:43
10:45 Birmingham NS-Holyhead13:4913:47
10:00 Euston-Holyhead13:5313:51