Boat Trains at Menai Bridge - II

Moving on to 1980 and almost exactly two years later, traffic levels are much the same, with minor differences to timings. The 1248 Holyhead - Euston was still running, but is not included in these shots. Taken, from alongside the disused Menai Bridge sidings, here is a record of the 25th August 1980

40028 at Menai Bridge 25/08/80 (s2301.jpg)

First up is 40028 on 13:00 boat train from Holyhead to Euston, stopping only at Llandudno Jcn before Chester. Visible are the remains of the connection from the east end of the sorting sidings to the up main line.

40029 at Menai Bridge 25/08/80 (s2302.jpg)

Next to arrive, is the next member of the class - 40029 hauls the 11:11 Manchester Victoria to Holyhead. The remains of the line to Caernarfon lie to the right, whilst on the left is the site of Menai Bridge goods yard.

47482 at Menai Bridge 25/08/80 (s2303.jpg)

47482 passes on the 13:15 Holyhead to Euston service, stopping at principal stations along the coast. Menai Bridge sidings had been out of use for some time, but in the late 1970's the ground frame at the western end was reinstated and the two of the sidings nearest the main line cleared for use as holding sidings for a weekly train from Chepstow, carrying bridge girders for the Britannia Bridge road deck.

47563 at Menai Bridge 25/08/80 (s2304.jpg)

47563 passes on 10:00 London Euston to Holyhead. By summer 1980 the sidings were once again out-of-use, as the Britannia Bridge road deck was completed earlier that year.

Met-Camm dmu at Menai Bridge 25/08/80 (s2305.jpg)

Finally, passengers for Manchester were not so lucky. A Metro Cammell Class 101 dmu passes on the 13:45 Holyhead to Manchester Victoria.

Booked passing times at Menai Bridge Summer 1980 13:00-14:30 SX

12:46 Holyhead-Euston13:09
13:00 Holyhead-Euston13:25
11:05 Manchester V-Holyhead13:31
13:15 Holyhead-Euston13:38
10:00 Euston-Holyhead13:41
10:05 Euston-Holyhead13:58
13:45 Holyhead-Manchester V14:20

Booked passing times at Menai Bridge Summer 1980 13:00-14:30 SO

12:46 Holyhead-Euston13:09
10:29 Birmingham NS-Holyhead13:17
13:00 Holyhead-Euston13:25
13:15 Holyhead-Euston13:38
11:05 Manchester V-Holyhead13:41
10:00 Euston-Holyhead13:46
10:05 Euston-Holyhead14:01
13:15 Llandudno-Holyhead ECS14:09
13:45 Holyhead-Manchester V14:20