Class 24s at Penmaenmawr

As they worked many of the North Wales 'Trip' freights, Class 24s were often present in Penmaenmawr sidings.

24047 at Penmaenmawr 14/04/77 (s0981.jpg)

Working Trip 30 from Mold Jcn to Holyhead and back to Llandudno Jcn, 24047 pauses in the sidings at Penmaenmawr. Although booked to 'stop to attach', the coal wagon and brake van would not have been picked up here, and the stop also allowed the 13:20 Holyhead - Euston to pass.

24057 at Penmaenmawr 15/07/77 (s1215.jpg)

24057 sits in the quarry sidings at Penmaenmawr on the 15th July 1977, 'working to DCE requirements'. It would finish its day in North Wales by working the 17:55 Bangor - Crewe parcels. Visible behind and to the left of the loco are the original loading wharves from when the quarry used a narrow gauge inclined plane to bring stone down to the sidings. In 1977, the quarry was still shipping stone out by sea, and the jetty is seen in the background.

24036 at Penmaenmawr 27/09/77 (s1349.jpg)

24036 is seen on 27th September 1977. The small hut on the left is on the site of the original Penmaemawr signal box - closed in the 1880s but not demolished until 1970. The loco was stored (unserviceable) the following month and withdrawn in November 1977.

24081 at Penmaenmawr 23/07/79 (s1974.jpg)

Two shots of 24081 on the DCE trip on Monday July 23rd 1979. Firstly, 081 is seen shunting in the yard, attached to a DCE mess coach. The loco is in 'exhibition' condition, having been spruced up for display at Llandudno the previous day.

24081 at Penmaenmawr 23/07/79 (s1977.jpg)

Once shunting was completed, 24081 waits to leave for Llandudno Junction with the Mess coach and a small crane. On the platform, passengers wait for the 10:49 to London Euston. On this day, 40125 and 40003 also worked stone trains from Penmaenmawr, and 25063 was also "working to DCE requirements". July 23rd 1979.