Track Plans and Maps

Bangor was a major traffic centre on the North Wales coast for passenger, parcels and freight traffic.

Historical Evolution

Bangor's track layout was rationalised in the late 1960s. 4 through lines, 4 through platform lines and 1 bay were reduced to 2 through lines, 2 through platform lines and 1 bay. Connections to the down side yard were reduced to a single connection, and Bangor No 1 signal box at the east end was closed. As part of the reopening of the Britannia Bridge in 1972-3, the station and the line westwards beyond Llanfair PG was resignalled with colour light signals replacing semaphores.


Regular Operations

Platforms 1, 2 and 3 were in regular use for passenger and parcels traffic. The old platform 4 and the two adjacent former loop lines were used for marshalling and stabling the large numbers of parcels and newspaper vans received each day. No lines were signalled for reversible working.

Operating Quirks