Trip Workings - Chester & North Wales
from 14th May 1990

Taken from the BR Trip Notice booklet "North West and North Wales", these are the freight trip workings servicing Chester and the North Wales coast line. There is a significant change from previous years - the booklet covers the LMR north of Crewe, so all trip numbers are different. Additionally, no Wrexham and Shrewsbury area workings are mentioned - and the North Wales coast workings are severely reduced. Finally, Departmental workings are separated from revenue workings.

Trip 32 (SX)
Class 08 Air Braked
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Shunt and trip Dee Marsh / Shotwick Sidings

06:45 MO
06:25 MSX
06:25 SO
21:30 MO
21:30 MSX
13:30 SO


Trip 41 (SX)
Class 08 Dual-Braked
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Chester Pasenger Station and Freight Depots Mixed Shunt


Shunt passenger, also freight as required, including the following at the approximate times shown:
Chester Wagon Shops
 06:00 to 07:30
 11:30 to 12:55
Shunt and trip from Chester West, Diesel Depot and NCL to Middle Yard
 07:45 to 10:00

Trip 42
Class 08 Air Braked
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Holyhead Freightliner Maintenance Shunt

06:00 MO
09:30 MSX
17:30 MO
19:30 MSX

Works Freightliner wagons to and from maintenance pit, shunting out cripples and reforming wagon sets as required


20:30 SX02:00 MX 

Works to orders on Freight and Freightliners Movement

Trip 43
Class 08 Air Braked
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Holyhead Mixed Shunt

06:45 Dly
21:10 Dly
07:30 SUN
20:35 Dly
04:00 MX
14:00 SUN

Works to orders on Passenger, Freight and Freightliners movement

Trip 92 (SX)
Class 47
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Llandudno Jcn


Loco off 7D05 from Amlwch
Shunt Llandudno Jn / Glan Conwy F.D

Llandudno Jcn









Anglesey Aluminium






Llandudno Jcn


Loco works 7F18 to Ellesmere Port

Trip D54 2 x
Class 20
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07:00 SX
07:30 SO
22:00 SX
15:10 SO

Work as required to A.C.E. instructions. Also clear Mold Jn tip as required