Wrexham - Croes Newydd Yard

Freight activity at Wrexham was centred on Croes Newydd yard, which lay south of the stations, and on a branch at right-angles to the main-line. The branch continued to Brymbo steelworks, which provided much of the traffic for the yard. Lower down the page you will find arrivals and departures for 1976 and 1982. The decline in workings between these two years is dramatic, but worse was to come and the yard closed completely from 30th October 1982.

47108 at Croes Newydd 27/09/77 (s1350.jpg)

Croes Newydd Yard was formed of two groups of sidings on either side of the Brymbo branch. Part way down, the sidings narrowed where Croesnewydd Road bridge crossed over. This shot was taken from this point, looking towards Croes Newydd East in the distance where the lines forked to make a triangular lunction with the main line. On the other side of this bridge, the lines continued to Croes Newydd West signal box and the start of the Brymbo and Gatewen branches. 47108 is seen passing through the yard on 27th September 1977, arriving on a 'mainline' service. On reaching the west end of the yard, it will then shunt back into the sidings.

Freight Arrivals and Departures at Croes Newydd Yard
SX 3 May - 1 Oct 1976

A remarkable 39 daily arrivals and departures (excluding light engine movements) made Croes Newydd the busiest freight location in North Wales.



0T75Croes Newydd HS07:00  

MO. To work 9F45


MX. Loco works 9F45

0T80Wrexham General07:40  


0T65Croes Newydd HS08:05  

To work 8T65

8T65  08:12Penyffordd


9T80  08:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)





LD x 2

9F45  09:00Dee Marsh Jn

MO is conditional

9T81  09:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)

Loco off 7J36

9T73  09:35Bersham


8T76  10:00Penyffordd

Loco off 7J36

9T80Vron Jn (Brymbo)10:08  


9T80  10:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)


9T81Vron Jn (Brymbo)11:08  


8D90  11:18Mold Jn


9T81  11:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)




8J33Dee Marsh Jn11:55  


9T80Vron Jn (Brymbo)12:08  




9T80  12:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)


8T76  13:01Abenbury Sdgs


9T81Vron Jn (Brymbo)13:08  


9T81  13:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)




9T80Vron Jn (Brymbo)14:08  


8T65  14:20Penyffordd


9T80  14:30Vron Jn (Brymbo)


0T62  14:35Wrexham General


8T76Abenbury Sdgs15:01  

Shunt freight 15:15 to 16:15

9T81Vron Jn (Brymbo)15:08  


OT62Wrexham General15:15  

To work 8F31



9T80Vron Jn (Brymbo)16:08  


8F31  16:12Warrington



Shunt freight 16:30 to 19:30

9T80  16:35Chirk


8T76  16:50Watery Road



Loco works 8D85

8T76Watery Road18:25  


8V78  18:25Severn Tunnel Jn


0T76  18:45Croes Newydd HS


8E43  18:55Tinsley




0T65  19:30Wrexham General


8D85  19:47Mold Jn


8J32Tutbury Yard19:59  


Freight Arrivals and Departures at Croes Newydd Yard
SX from 17 May 1982

The decline here is all too evident, with only 1 'main line' service, a feeder from and to Warrington. Many of the trip workings are marked 'runs as traffic requires', and others may not have run every day. By 1982, Mold was not generating regular traffic, and Brymbo only 2 trains per week.

0T62Croes Newydd HS08:05  


8J02Arpley Sidings08:20  


8T80  08:35Chirk

Loco from 8J02. Only runs if required

9T62  09:05Watery Road or Wrexham Exchange


0T65Croes Newydd HS09:11  

Only runs if required

8T65  09:41Penyffordd & Mold

Only runs if required

9T62Watery Road or Wrexham Exchange09:55  


0T62  10:25Wrexham General



Only runs if required

9T80  10:41Ty Cerrig (Brymbo)

Only runs if required

0T62Wrexham General10:50  


9T62  11:40Penyffordd


9T80Ty Cerrig (Brymbo)12:30  

Only runs if required

9T80  12:52Ty Cerrig (Brymbo)



Then shunts 14:25 to 15:10

9T80Ty Cerrig (Brymbo)14:41  

Loco works 8F08

8T65Mold & Penyffordd 15:05  

Only runs if required

0Z00  15:10Croes Newydd HS

After working 9T62

8T65  15:30Penyffordd

Only runs if required

8F08  15:48Walton Old Jn